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Would you like to host one of our concerts at your church or venue?   Here’s how it works:

Read through these points of information to see if this would be compatible with your church or venue.

Concerts are on Sundays – one in the afternoon and one in the evening.  Specific times can vary.  We have concerts four times a year:  mid-October, mid-December for our Christmas Concert, mid-March, and mid-May.  Think about what would work best for you.  We usually have our concerts tentatively pre-planned for about a year out, so there would be a wait for confirmation of the following year’s concert dates and venues.

The Chorale will need to hold a rehearsal at your church prior to the concert date.  If the concert is on a Sunday afternoon, the rehearsal would be the day before the concert, Saturday morning, from about 9:00 to noon.  If it is a Sunday evening concert, the rehearsal would be the Monday night before the concert, from 7:00 – 8:45 pm. 

For the rehearsals, we would need someone to open up the church for us about 15-20 minutes prior to the rehearsal, and stay around during the rehearsal to answer any questions we might have regarding your space, such as microphones, sound system, chairs for the sanctuary, lighting, a place for us to set up coffee and/or treats for our break, etc.  If it is in winter, the heat should be turned on in advance.

For the concert date itself, we would need someone to open up the church an hour and a half before the concert time, so we can set up chairs, check the sound, make sure all of our small needs are met (i.e. can we borrow your tape and scissors?) and rehearse one more time.  The concerts usually last for an hour to an hour and a half.  After the concert, our crew will put chairs away, take down the outside signs, and anything else that needs to be done to clean up and put the space back in order before we leave. This usually just takes about 20 minutes.  Then someone from your church can lock up after us as we leave.

We do not charge any venue for allowing us to use their space for a concert.  Nor do we pay anything to the venue for the opportunity to present a concert in their space.  We do not charge our patrons and guests for tickets to the concert, but we do collect a free-will offering at the concert, which goes to The Lutheran Chorale for our general operating expenses.

We would ask that you do some advertising of our concert – putting the date in your bulletins and newsletter, making an event on your Facebook page, putting up our posters on your premises, allowing us to put up lawn signs on your grounds the week before the concert, announcing it during worship services, etc.

If your church has a choir of its own, we would welcome those choir members to join us in singing the concert, if anyone is interested.  There would be a required number of rehearsals, which are on Monday nights at Bethlehem Lutheran Church, 2100 Wadsworth Blvd, Lakewood, from 7:00 – 8:45 pm.

At the concert, we would like for your Pastor to be in attendance, so we can thank him publicly at the beginning of the concert for the opportunity to perform at your church.

If these points would work for your church, send an email directed to our Concert Coordinator, David Peterson, through our Contact Form on the CONTACT US page of the website.  Be sure to leave a contact phone number in the message, and someone from the Chorale will contact you shortly thereafter to discuss the specifics of date and time the following year.


If there are any unanswered questions  from the list here on the left, be sure to use our CONTACT US page and send us an email message!  We love performing concerts at new venues, and expanding our audience.