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Open letter to all church music directors and musicians:

For over forty-five years, The Lutheran Chorale has experienced the incredible blessing of performing a wonderful selection of sacred, spiritual, classical, and contemporary choral music. One of the additional benefits of that blessing is the music library which we have amassed over those years.  And now, with the hard work of some dedicated members as well as advances in technology, we are in a position to make our music library your music library.  The Lutheran Chorale is inviting any church or public choral organization to borrow music from our library, just as you would from a public library.

Our motive is first to share our good fortune.  We truly believe we have been blessed to be a blessing. Second, we want to do everything we can to promote and preserve the practice and tradition of choral music performance. We pray that this endeavor will help to do both.

We have amassed a library of over five hundred titles and more than twenty-five thousand individual pieces of music, and our sincerest desire is to share it with you.


You can access our library catalog by clicking on the Music List button.  When you find selections you wish to borrow, you then need to send us a request by selecting, printing out and completing the Music Sharing Request & Agreement Form, Section One, for each piece of music you would like to borrow, and then email that completed form to  We will respond as soon as we can and will make arrangements to get the requested works to you.

As you will see on the Music Sharing Request & Agreement Form, there is a deposit required for all music borrowed. That deposit check will be held by our secretary and will then be returned to the borrower when the music is returned.  The amount of the deposit is nominal and is a control to ensure the return of the music for its continued use by all.

We sincerely hope that this program will be a blessing to you in your music ministry.

The Lutheran Chorale